“The bar against which we should be measuring ourselves”

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4 Responses to “The bar against which we should be measuring ourselves”

  1. Robb says:

    MM, an excellent post. A bit too long, and you use too many long words and adjectives. If you could boil this down to 140 characters, you could tweet it. ; )

    And why does ‘monosyllabic’ have so many syllables?

  2. Brilliant. You’d have thought I’d read this before my authonomy rant today. I was actually told to replace “retrieved” with “took”. Because the word “retrieved” slows the entire plot down. And because “retrieved” and the simpler form, “took” mean the same thing anyway. And it’s just less work to read.

    But my dear, I say in reply, if I cannot use WORDS, play with them, paint with them, then what is the point?

  3. Jenni James says:

    At that is why MM dear, you are the master. Amazingly put.

  4. Paul House says:

    Yes, MM, You have hit many nails on the head, although I was a little disappointed Hopkins didn’t appear. Much as one approves of Milton, Hopkins is your man. Speaking of which, can you imagine Camus’ version of the Windhover? I saw a bird this morning. It made me think of God.

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