Portrait of the artist as a young introvert

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2 Responses to Portrait of the artist as a young introvert

  1. SarahJane says:

    This is where those who incline more towards introspection should have a friend be their champion. Not everyone is suited to the loud hurly burly of self-promotion, in fact the cacophony is now so loud actually finding one’s way through the entire process leaves one feeling deafened (and somewhat irritable). As more and more people pile into the process, finding new and innovative ways of engaging with the people who are going to love your work is becoming more necessary. The race should not be to the loudest, and as the new models advance there will be a process of refinement.

  2. Janet farrar says:

    Please help me find anything of james farrars poems, he was my husband stewarts cousin, don was the father of james and my husband is now deceased, i want to find out all i can about james including for example did he earn any medals? I know he is linked to suffolk and much about his death but appart from his his book, The never ending spring, (I have the original manuscript)’ I have nothing else of his works. thankyou, the reverent Janet Farrar

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